Pay me and I'll goad your boyfriend into cheating. Pay me more and I'll help you assault him.

I can't see why I was downvoted for basically saying things fall down when you drop them. You can parade willing women in front of a guy and if he is not a cheater he won't cheat. This isn't revolutionary information I've know a few solid guys that could get away with it but wouldn't cheat.

But if you do something cheating or not your signing up for the consequences. Some girls will break up with you some will take you back. This bitch does more than break up with you. I totally should be downvoted for noticing that. Need a sub r/wisdomofreddit for ppl that downvote becos you didn't jump on the right way of thinking. I'm downvoted for not being appalled that shit things happen in a shit world. Who the fuck are you ppl and do you ever go outside? I never even said I agreed with it ffs.

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