Public Freakout Canada Day Edition! Indigenous group holds a press conference, then collectively freak out when the press asks a question. Bonus racism included.

That's reasonable. Many ethnic groups have experienced historical colonialism and violence. It happened to areas all over the world and you're right, it was wrong and not fair at all. Even today many nations are still a huge mess and much of it has to do with European imperialism. For example, in South Africa (even though apartheid has officially ended) indigineous folks are still systemically oppressed. They get harsher sentences in courts, have less economic opportunities, are more likely to experience hate crime - all of which is completely unfair.

Contrast modern South Africa with modern Canada, and see just how much progress Canadians have made towards rectifying the wrongs of colonialism. Almost all 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation Canadians had nothing to do with colonialism, yet we recognize it is an injustice and are willing to help rectify it. A sizeable portion of our taxes go towards aboriginal affairs. Now, when we can't even celebrate our country on Canada day without people complaining and ignoring all the progress we've made, it feels whiny and ungrateful.

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