What could go wrong eating a succulent chinese meal?

Police anywhere i'd much rather have nothing to do with, ever and as little contact as possible.

Avoid if you can.

The reality today is that police aren't there to help or serve. Not regular people anyway. You're putting yourself in harm's way if you have any contact with police. Suddenly you're at risk of jail, death, fines, anything. Even if you do nothing wrong. Even more so if you say or do anything.

They have to protect themselves. It's a bit out of hand in many places (only one small window of the issues). So everyone's a threat. everyone's a criminal, everyone's violent, everyone's looking to hurt them. I get it. So they protect, that they can do.

Just best not to get near, there's too much collateral damage these days. I don't think the price is worth it anymore, but our model of democracy wants the police to function this way... and so it does.

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