What if You Are Not Popular Enough To Be Gay?

Of course not, but everything that I wrote here helps. If you are popular and say to your 'audience' you are gay, you will get plenty of support especially in these days.

I have never ever said it to anybody and I have nobody I could say it, so nobody will support me. It's easier to have better self-esteem if you are good looking because people are more open to talk to you and be friends with you. I had plenty of jobs already and I saw this several times, I had a friend back at home and we worked together for the government on one project and he was definitely the pretty one and he knew about it, even that he had worse results that I did, he became a friend with our boss and they are friends until today. She was promoted and took him with her to a better job, etc.

Two guys were even asking me to ask him to go out with them and he is not even gay and if somebody is asking to set up a date for him with your friend on a dating website (yeah, I was even on dating websites once) it feels really awkward.

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