When did you marry and where did you meet your wife/husband?

When I got married is irrelevant, and while the story of where I met my wife is absolutely magical, it too, is irrelevant. It sounds like you are wanting to know how to meet more women, so that your chances, for love, go up.

If this is the case, I recommend the following.

Join civic organizations. Join only those that have a goal you believe in. Otherwise, it's not fair to the organization and you will meet people with whom you may have differences.

If you practice a religion, join any social groups they have.

Go to a community center and take a class in sewing. It is a good skill to know, therapeutic, and it will be a class of mostly... women.

When you go grocery shopping, take your time. Don't just look for the food on your list. Strike up a conversation with, at least, one woman, every time you shop. If nothing else, ask how to coo something that she picked up, or that you have in your basket.

With a little thought, I am sure you can come up with more ideas of how to help your odds.

Good luck, and thanks for asking.

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