World leaders have taken to calling ISIS “Daesh,” a word the Islamic State hates.

No it doesn't mean that. But because Daesh is used to refer to bigots, it started to get this meaning. I am actually the one who first came up with the name Da3ish. I posted it in a forum where me and other cyber friends, including Syrian opposition activists, were discussing the Syrian conflict. I got fed up with the long name of this organization "the Islamic state in Iraq and Sham (Syria)" so I proposed an acronym instead to save our time while typing. The Syrian activists on the forum took the word (Da3ish) and started using it on facebook pages moderated by them and dedicated for the news of Syria. And from there the word spread to the people of Syria. acronyms in Arabic are rarely used in comparison to English. Add that to the fact that the word started appearing on Arabic media shortly after I invented it, this makes me sure that it was me who first used the word and not anyone else. And this makes me feel very proud that I did a huge harm to ISIS. although i feel sad for the people who suffered from using the word. ISIS hates the word to the degree that it punishes anyone who uses it by lashing. I remember it's one hundred lashes. ISIS prefers to be called instead "the state" الدولة. That's the abbreviation they accept. Now why does ISIS hate this word?. First, in Arabic this word sounds ugly. just the sound of it. second, it's similar to words with negative meanings, like: Dahish داحش which means "shover", derived from the verb dahash which is usually used to mean "shoving it up the ass". Da3esh also sounds like the word “da3is” which means the one who tramples. So basically that’s what happened: ISIS had a “majestic” fancy Arabic name, and suddenly it was replaced with an ugly-sounding word that also sounds like a joke. And this drove ISIS nuts especially that they care a lot about their image and do huge propaganda efforts. This name was a huge blow to them. I always laugh my ass off When I see ISIS supporters on facebook or twitter so pissed off from the word. Or when they say that the name was invented by the CIA, or any other “enemy of Islam” or some other conspiracy bullshit. And my laughing came to a hysterical level when I knew that ISIS, or ISIS supporters made a song (nasheed) cursing the one who calls them Da3ish (I don’t know if the song meant the one who came up with the word or anyone who uses the word, but still it’s a win-win for me). Here’s the nasheed: When the world’s leaders started to use the word I couldn’t believe my ears. I have reached an international level of fame yet no one knows a damn thing about me. Which is good. It means I am safe from ISIS.

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