I think we all know someone like this.

I still remember like it was yesterday. It was senior year of highschool in our final semester. Classes were easy, my friends and I were pretty popular, and life was good. We don't have a lot going on our final semester and drugs are a definite past time. We go to a nice secluded spot and smoke a blunt. Get back into my friends immaculately clean Honda Accord as he takes wheels. Decide that food is certainly in order, head to local eatery to get our grub on. En route, ignorant friend one starts bitching incessantly about Barrack Obama and his seizure of our personal liberties via the Patriot Act and information snooping (Yes he even said the Patriot Act).

Tell my friend, "You do know the Patriot Act is a relic of the Bush administration following the aftermath of 9/11, right. "

He replies with haste, "Oh my god call_me_Kote you always have to find some reason to bash Bush, even when obviously no Republican president would spy on us."

I waste no time in my retort, "Look it up then, bitch, if the Patriot act isn't from before Obama entered office I'll buy everyone's lunch."

"I can't look it up I'm fucking driving dick."

To which I say, "No problem, let me help you with that."

Pulls out phone, Googles the Patriot Act

Friend sees me googling, becomes irate, "You can NEVER just fucking let something go can you? It always has to be a god damn argument, and you always have to be right. I don't really give a shit who signed the fucking bill. "

I reply in an even tone, "No, it doesn't always have to be an argument, and I don't have to be right all the time. I am right this time, and this was not even an argument. I just want to help you from going out in public and spouting your misinformation as cold hard facts. Here just look. "

*Show friend that Patriot Act dates back to 2001, make mood even worse. *

My friend grumbles all the way to the parking lot, but it seems he's coming to terms with his ignorance. He turns to me and begrudgingly offers to pay for my lunch as I had done were I to be wrong. I order two tacos from the down home style Mexican restaurant and they were delicious. When my check comes my friend asks, "So what's the charge?"

"Oh that'll be about tree fiddy."

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