Been noticing something lately and it's been on my mind, need to get it off my chest

Darkshine is correct (in my opinion)... opioid tolerance is a complex adaptation, not limited to just down or up regulation. There are secondary and tertiary (and more) downstream effects that have relevance. Darkshine.. I didn't know Mitragynine (or any other kratom molecule) is a partial agonist, thank you for that tid bit, certainly something I gotta follow up on. Very interesting.

I don't have a solid opinion on the general topic of this thread, but it is worth mentioning that weaker opioids have been used to help folks ween off stronger opioids for a long time. But, as we all know, a taper with anything (Kratom, weaker opioid, partial agonist, etc) can be easier said/read than done.

Coldturkeychicken, I understand your frustration at the mixed responses... could have something to do with the relatively novel nature of Kratom. I checked the literature (Pubmed, Google Scholar) a few years ago and there wasn't much worth mentioning. The Wikipedia entry was basically an advertisement.

There is more now, but still a paucity of information.

Feel free to shoot me a PM and I'll share whatever literature I have on my computer.

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