Biden Fact Check - Trump Condemns White Supremacy (and Leaders) 20 TIME!

Very balanced perspective - I do wish more people would be sharing the full prompt and clip.

I felt that the (relatively dismissive) 'Sure...' was cancelled out by his longer statement of 'stand back and stand by' directly after; as well as the added context that Wallace/Biden were clearly asking him to simply say straight 'I condemn white supremacists.'

By reframing the statement, and doing it in such a not-condemning way, it's hard to take the 'Sure...' at face value, and makes the answer to the original prompt (are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups?) a clear no.

So while the reporting could be more thorough, I don't think it's particularly unfair to summarize that 'The President refused to condemn white nationalist groups during the debate last night.' What are your feelings on that, given the transcript?

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