Complete newbie to gymgoing, trying to find light workout routines that can keep me lean and not bulky, and also ways of combating embarrassment and intimidation.

Don't know where to start. Probably rambley

Let's keep it simple, If you want to look like a holocaust victim, do some light jogging/walking and eat at a calorie deficit. So start counting calories / read up on that.

If you want to lose weight but have good posture and a basic amount of muscle, then you should start by going on a beginner routine like those in the FAQ. Count calories and eat just a touch under what you need and do those for like....a few months. You'll gain a little bit of muscle, lose a little bit of fat and basically be where you want. Read the FAQ, some of the routines are in there and they spell everything out for you, from weight progression/to reps and sets. They're easy to follow and work.

Even if your goal is to stay small and shit, you're still going to need to build a little bit of muscle/do some compound movements for bettering your posture. You don't need to go nuts and gain 500kg of muscle and be curling dump trucks for reps.

What terms do you not understand? What machines aren't you familiar with? Starting some of the movements required in the routines can be daunting at first and seem complicated. Start with no weight on the bar. There's a lot of help online for form. When you're trying to learn squat, remember there's 3 different types which are done differently. High bar squat, Low bar squat and Front squat. They're all make sure when you're reading about squat form you're not mixing up the different forms from the 3.

You are scared of being seen as not knowing what you're doing. But you don't know what you're who cares....everyone has been there. Most of these gymbro types are probably goofy as hell and would be happy to show you form for each movement if you'd ask. In fact, I recommend you do ask and just get stuck into it. Start super light...if an empty bar is too much use dumbbells that are easily manageable weights and just get familiar with the whole thing. Don't be afraid to ask people for form advice....

Whatever it is you're good at / do for fun / whatever, If someone was to stop you and ask you for advice on that topic, would you be like "Fuck off mate, don't interupt me again or i'll fuk u up cuzzzzzzzz" or would you be happy to help?

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