I don’t believe Demisexuality is a real thing and shouldn’t be apart of the LGBT community. People need to stop making new bullshit sexualities that literally have no importance.

Gatekeeping in the lgbt community even though the whole point is for love an acceptance? Never seen that before /s

If you think your sexuality is of that much of importance than you need to wake the fuck up. Everyone has a sexuality and none of them are any more important than the others. The annoying part is listening to everyone talk about it like anyone gives a fuck. Everyone enjoys sex. How you like it is of no concern to me and I’d rather just not hear about it. Like, the only people who care are other people trying to shoehorn in with their sexuality for attention or acceptance. Hard truth is that if you can’t accept yourself then you’re never gonna be happy no matter how many internet strangers pay you on the back. My only problem with The Who lgbtq and the rest is that they don’t ever shut the fuck up about their sexuality like nothing else is going on in the world but them discovering their sexual identity. Good for you, I’m glad you’re happy but if I didn’t give a fuck about you before I knew your sexual identity, I’m not gonna start giving a fuck about you because of your sexual identity. You’re not special because of your sexual identity. You’re just another human being. Face it.

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