Epic Online Services release free PC crossplay tools

I wish it had an FPS counter, and they USED to have a chat function on Epic, then took it away. So even meeting friends/new people in games its like uhhh can you read my mind...?

Other than that, they accomplish what they've set out to do. I've literally had people tell me Steam is more of a "Social platform" these days. Probably the type of people who buy 100 games and play 2 of them. Or change their avatar/display name 15 times a year, bonus points if it's in relation to something silly like a meme.

Heck if something does go free. Like when Borderlands 3 went free on Epic, you can go over and check the steam forums and people will be like "This is free on Epic this week!" and others will just the same be "Fuck Epic!" / "I just bought this game to stick it to Epic, regardless if it's free!" you know what they say about a fool and their money. It feels like these people aren't even in to PC gaming, they're in to the social elements of it including the "connection" to it in other online spaces, like Reddit, and base their entire identity around it.

It's why you mention "if you say that you don't care about X feature because all you want to do is play games" is funny, since 99% of the complaints about Epic USED to be nitpicks. "Oh well they don't have a shopping cart!" like okay, but is that really WW3? "You cant change your username 50 times a year or upload memes as avatars!" good. No really, good. I'll be one of the few people to push back against that. Yes, when making a username you should actually put some thought in to it. Oh wow, SWAG420 didn't age well now that you're not 14 anymore? Or if you played Runescape 15 years ago, how many knock off/copy cat usernames of Zezima there were. Like Zeizma, Zezema_, Zezima3, like wooow bet you won't regret that when you put a few hundred hours in to that game.

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