From a Tweet asking if this act of domestic violence was planned

Let me set all of you straight. I am related to two of the three men in these pictures. They had these shirts made by the guy in the first picture and came up with this design on their own. I didn’t agree with it. They are all great people, they just have strong beliefs. They weren’t amongst the people going up to the barriers or past them. Heck, one wanted to stand a little closer to the barriers but the others wouldn’t let him go passed that designated area they were allowed. They were NOT amongst the group of people who were violent. They were expressing their rights and protesting, that’s it. The shirts are surely misleading but they were there to protest and that’s all they did. I see how everyone is twisting this photo around without knowing anything about them. Its incredibly infuriating considering this is my dad and brother you’re speaking about who are truly wonderful people.

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