To the guy who got a call back 10 minutes after applying for a job

tl;dr had (skype) interview for work at home job, was hired 28 minutes later. so far best thing I did in my life.

I applied for a work-from-home job back in January. They are really hard to come by, especially when you are looking for a stable 9-5. I've seen a lot of junk job postings, and I got my fair share of pyramid scheme emails in replies to resumes. I found one that seemed great but I was wary after all I had seen. So, I did some research. This company, Zirtual, is known for it's hiring process.

I did the application which asked me to answer a few character questions and then another that had me apply my knowledge to things I would be doing on the job. Things like research, scheduling, etc. Things I had the ability to do but other things I figured I could do but had never done before (i.e. flight research). All of this can be found online at Glassdoor and such.

I didn't hear back from them and as badly as I wanted it, I didn't expect to get it. Freelance wasn't working out for me and I wanted to be able to work 9-5 like "normal" people that would keep me disciplined and focused, freelance was too easy for me to say, "I'll get to it later."

It was a month before I got an email saying that I passed and they'd like to schedule a (Skype) interview. I was excited, so so excited but this company is is very picky, something like less than 1% of people are hired. You have to do everything flawlessly.

I had my interview, which I thought went well. But again, I wasn't getting my hopes up. I called my mother to get my frustrations out (not crying, shaking, stuttering was a big thing for me. I told myself no matter what, be confident, even though I was falling apart inside. I held it together long enough to finish the interview and call my mom). I was on the phone with her when I got the email that I was hired, 28 MINUTES after my call. I couldn't have been more excited.

I've been at the job now for over a month and I LOVE it. Honestly, the vibe I get from everyone is amazing, they are all so helpful, kind, praise all the employees and it's just an amazing place to work. Even if they weren't, I don't think I could leave with the relationships I've begun to form with my clients.

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