If you do this, fuck you.

This looks like the right time to share my story as a longtime train commuter. I was in a seat configuration just like that one during rush hour, when three men took up the rest of the seats, one next to me and two across. The whole train was full. One of the men across from me kicks off his shoes and plants his stockinged feet, crossed at the ankles, and slides them on the seat next to me with his friend on the other side. I don't even like to see people put their feet up, let along go shoeless, let alone sticking those greasy silk socked feet inches from my face with toes pointed toward my nose. I asked him annoyed to please move his disgusting body parts as far from me as possible. Then he opened his mouth and in a French accent said, "no, I've had a long day." Stubbornly planting his feet more snuggly near me. What was I going to do fight this guy and his two friends? I didn't know, but I wasn't going to take THIS. I was instantly more pumped up with a hatred that couldnt be contained, this would play out, and the train ride was only getting started. Oh, the game was afoot. So, I just say, "oh, its like that." Now, I had been chewing a was of bubble gum, and it occurred to me that common courtesy, standard human rules, stopped applying. After all, he broke the contract. So, my first move after I made clear my displeasure with every member of the group and registered my protest, I took out my was of gum and pressed it into this gentleman's stocking on the bottom of his foot. You'd wonder what that blatant escalation might do to a mam, and his friends now clearly caught in a runaway train scenario. This was just a first moment of civil disobedience, and they knew more drastic measures would follow, just not what measures. "I asked him how he liked my gum on his foot." The Frenchman tried to act unphased. He still didn't back his feet away and off the seat immediately next to me. I kept waiting for a conductor to enforce the laws here, but none was coming. An indication of just how packed the train was, it would take the ticketers longer than normal to do the rounds. In the absence of order anarchy rules, folks. This is how quickly we revert to our natural selves. Beasts! I hope you see I had no choice but to continue pushing, because even now even after an attempt to talk him into changing positions, after gum stained his socks, he still carried on this crime. I saw all civility was lost, and decided my next move would have to illustrate just how far we fall when we don't follow accepted norms with out fellow humans. I started sucking up a mouth full of saliva. Now, I implore you to see my side here, I could have gone even further, this next move was restrained. I looked in the eyes of one the Frenchman's friends and I leaned into the middle of all our seats and spit. It was a puddle. It was a warning shot. It was the ultimate salvo, that basic decency had been called off, but they were the ones that did it. I just ended it. Now that spit set off the three of them. The one the loogie came closest to looked like he couldn't believe how this situation came to this, he never imagined he'd be in a straight confrontation like this when he entered the train. But here I was sitting across from him satisfied I just spit narrowly avoiding his shoes, which remember I could have if this weren't just a warning shot. He was instantaneously transformed into a wronged man, the kind of man I was the second these French fucks put their stockings anywhere near me. The most offended wrong man jumped on me, wanted to throttle me. But he was weak and he couldn't really touch me and I knew it and wasn't scared. But his anger it joyed me. Still I pushed him off me. The man in the stockings jumped up and tried to get me. He to was like spaghetti just a noodle of a man. I pushed him back. I wanted to fight, but didn't want to get in trouble. Who knows who would take the blame for this train melee. So I left before that slow conductor finally got around.

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