Inside the Bataclan Theatre after the attack

30 people, wow that is a sad photo. The entrance must look even worse. The terrorists must have made there way to the second floor at some point. Reports were they shot back at police and shot that journalist as he helped injured enter his apartment behind the venue. They entered, sprayed bullets, people duck, then they randomly start killing, maybe make it upstairs and then have a couple play look out on balconies will others execute the people inside. They see police start top come down the street and fire from the second floor window. I also imagine they see people running for help, they see a door open in the alley to help, shoot again from balcony. Maybe they thought the journalist was a cop, maybe he was trying to kill everyone trying to flee. If it took place over an hour, you wonder if the terrorists had smart phones or had someone in there group tracking media outlets for when the raid might occur. Once police move in, then those on the second floor detonate vests once police are close, dude on first floor killing people probably thrown off by police entry and killed. That is terrifying to imagine. But seeing the death tolls inside, they must have scouted the couple weeks if not months prior. They probably chose this club since it was an American Band playing, but who knows, they may hate all of Europe equally. One has to wonder where the financing comes from. How many subcontracters gave orders to have this set up.

The operatives in Brussels or the "cell" is probably only the beginning. A man stopped in Germany came from a location where they concealed in his car at least $100,000 worth of explosives and weaponry. That is serious money and sophistication planning. Who paid these men? Or is there no money at all. The leader of ISIS right now is Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Are you telling he ordered this attack on Paris? It's possible yes, he has a PHD in Islamic Studies from Baghdad and was detained but later let go by US forces in the 2000s. Or does this man simply encourage those to show there faith. Is he really a mastermind or does he simply set a date and location and leave it up to the cells to execute in magnitude.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is most likely the money source. ISIS recently robbed banks and control whole regions in Syria. ISIS gets these resources and make sleeper cells in europe. sleeper cells actively recruit these immagrants or are they sent from ISIS training camp (more likely) and disguised as refugees?

I suppose it's not about money at all to them though, it is about faith. I still do not understand. How can someone convince a group of well trained intelligent individuals to commit this massacre. Surely they realize some of the people they killed were Muslim right?

Clearly these suicide bombers had resources and money and a place to eat and sleep at night. It also seems they had loved ones and family members. How can you decide to massacre others and then give up your entire life. When was the tipping point for these individuals? Were they sleeper terrorists since they were teenagers or did they go radical after 21? Does it matter, should it matter?

I desperately want to be tolerant, but my questions is to Muslims condemn this behavior. How come the muslim community has not come out and offered support. Nations like Turkey and Iran say they sympathize but the tone seems not sincere.One video I saw on the controversial section reddit had a board memeber respond to a questions as to why Muslims are a threat. She said 15-25% of Muslims are radical or think this way. In the Quaran it literally says to seek out all the non believers, Jews and Christians, and to murder them. Is this true. Becuase if it is, I am very uneasy this morning knowing the first refugees from Syria will be arriving the U.S in New Orleans. I am a Bernie Sanders supporter and hate republicans for the most part, but after learning how other Muslims sympathize with these bombers and keep quiet when they suspect others of terrorist activity makes me feel uneasy.

I have no answers, only confusion, speculation, sadness and defeat.

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