Looking for people who may want to play a game online


I'm a 34yo self identified nerd. Non - binary, male bodied. Live with my partner in bankview. We're strict on regulations, don't see anyone other than my partners best friend who lives alone.

I'm currently going hard on school working towards a BSc in Computer Science and IT through Athabasca.

People that live on their own are high on my mind throughout this, and I would love to make a new friend and play some games. An excuse to get out and wander also sounds like a great idea.

I'm interested in dungeon crawlers, card/board games, dungeons and dragons, etc. Coming up I'm really looking forward to Cyberpunk. Really I'm into game systems and ferreting out synergies and combos, trending more towards fun interactions than pure efficiency or "best plays", as well as how games tell stories and engage players.

From your description, I think we're on similar pages for political/social leanings. Warning would be that I can get ranty, particularly when it comes to folks that disregard restrictions or straight up deny the situation.

If this all matches what you're looking for in a covid-buddy, we can start with a chat and move on to some online gaming hangs before thinking about going out for a wander. Hopefully you've already gotten many other offers, so feel no pressure to respond!

Regardless, thank you from me personally for being serious about restrictions. It's a hard fight to stick to best practices in times when those close to us see less than as being "so careful". You're a champion.


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