My boyfriend of a year just broke up with me and I'm devastated

I had something similar happen to me recently. My boyfriend of ~1.5 years left me on December 1st, telling me he loved me, but didn't want to spend the rest of his life with me. I'm 22 and this wasn't my first relationship, but it was different with him, I had never loved someone like that before. He was also much older than me and has a child, we started dating pretty soon after I moved to the area, so a lot of the life I've built here is intertwined with him, and its basically impossible to avoid people in the sailing community. I was absolutely devastated for the past few weeks, and of course, my life decided it needed to add a bunch of other big stressors at the same time, things weren't good. I was crying all the time, couldn't focus, couldn't even talk to my friends about it, it was too upsetting.

But, something changed this weekend. I went to a sailing competition in the next town over. People there know my ex, but this group is more my group of friends than his. I was actually able to say the words X and I broke up without getting too emotional, and I guess word has gotten out that I'm single based on the attention I was getting. Just getting out of the circle that was closely tied to my ex let me see our relationship a little more clearly and see that there were some deep issues I had been ignoring. I'm now coming into a new perspective where I'm realizing that I'm young, I'm hot, and I'm a damn good sailor and engineer. I don't need to tie myself down right now, I can move around, consider jobs that might have been hard on my relationship, or might involve moving. I can say yes without thought when people offer to fly me awesome places to sail on cool boats. I think part of what caused this revelation was the fact that I was able to hang out at the bar of this yacht club where I don't get cell service and not have to worry about my boyfriend calling and throwing a fit cause I didn't answer, I was able to just relax and drink with my friends. Plus, having cute pro sailors flirt with you and complement your douses is always a nice confidence boost.

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