Normal people are superhuman to me

Yes, but they focus on a lot of information I don't have the time to think about, or organize. They might have been born with parents who instilled that set of information into them (how to function normally), or they might have been lucky enough to guess and guess correctly within some fuzzy approximation of 'what works' and guess correctly on 'what doesn't work'.

For people who haven't had the opportunity to learn 'how to do normal things' or have to actually relearn a bunch of stuff they learned incorrectly, it's hard. And acknowledging that it's very hard to learn often puts me in a defeatist attitude, like "I don't give a shit about this, it's not like anyone 'normal' acknowledges that this stuff will probably be persistently hard for me to manage for the rest of my life", which usually makes me think "I will probably live in a box for a home or be homeless because I don't know how to take care of myself and I don't care enough about myself to learn" which usually makes me suicidal.

I have people I live around now that are normal and live fairly stably (not moving constantly and not poor) and I just hope the nagging and collaborative effort of thinking gradually acclimates me into understanding and adapting to a different organizational structure of information and methodology of thinking and reasoning that is not entirely mathematically based - like long term planning regarding choices involving my actual person (and not just 'how to code stuff'), lack of run on sentences, and enough people skills that I don't annoy everyone I come in approximate range to. But I also am angry and don't care, because it's not really fair that I grew up in a way that was directly oppositional to my social and living adaptive development, but in the end, it only really fucks me if I don't learn these things by the time I have to leave my current living situation (which is also stressful to think about, and also makes me angry). I am sure everyone needs to learn stuff every day as well, the only hope is that it doesn't get all piled on them at once with some expectation that 'that's just life, sometimes the sky falls' and it should be piled on them all at once, and everyone points and laughs at them like they are a weirdo for not preparing for the sky falling because duh, everyone knows the sky was going to fall.

I often have recurring nightmares of having to take tests for classes I don't remember signing up for. It's like that. It just feels like something that is impossible to learn because everything I have to do just to do what I do now takes up all my time and energy. But I have hope still, because like my dad says, things work out.

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