I have nothing going for me

Hey, it's okay not to know what to do with your life. I bet a lot of your peers don't either. But as a 1st year med student, I can tell you that having a 2.5 GPA right now doesn't have to keep you out of med school. Depending on how much time you have left in college, you could get academic help to do better in your remaining science classes. If not, no worries, friend. There are plenty of ways to prove yourself and to grow as a scence student before starting med school. Plenty of my classmates took several years off (and did pretty cool things) before starting med school. Lots had lower GPAs and did post-bac programs before applying. I'm not telling you exactly what to do; I just want you to know that you still have options. You don't have to let go of your dreams. By the way it's wonderful that you have substancial dreams in a society that only teaches us to chase the next thrill or pleasure. I wish we had more people like you--please don't go. While it's brave of you to keep going even though you're in pain, it's braver still to take that mask off for a while and ask for help. Find someone you know you can trust, and let them in. Like I said, ask for academic help. As med students, we're taught to take care of ourselves and each other, and to seek help--mental, emotional, academic--when we need it, because we won't be abe to take care of others if we don't know how to take care of ourselves. You've never had a girlfriend? I've never had a boyfriend! But thankfully, I've never been pregnant either :) Are you a father? Really, no need to rush. Focus on you and your studies, figure out what your passions are, think about all the money you're saving, and remember, you and the girls around you are becoming more mature. When you do find yourself in a romantic relationship, you might be glad you didn't leave college with too much baggage.
And smile, my friend. When your dorm room gets gloomy, take a walk out, breathe, and know that today is only today. It's not going to last forever. I believe you will outlive your pain, and when you do, you'll be that much more equipped to take care of your future patients and yourself. You have so much to offer this world. Please don't sell yourself short.
So much love,


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