O’Block Affiliate and rapper “ A-ROY” get shot and killed after winning a fight.


Lol !! You mad bruh?! Getting your panties all in a bunch because you don’t like what’s in the mirror I held up to your delinquency as you simp at the altars of rappers Narcissists, completely devoid of talent or anything remotely comparable to musicality, who don’t pay your rent nor give a single solitary Fuck about your existence. The little birds in the trees, harmonically and melodically, blow those ‘rapper’ phlegm-bags away.!! I’m comfortable with the size of my cock and the 40 years I’ve dedicated to building my career as a respected recording / performing musician and a Teacher.. No confident independently-minded inherently happy human being feels a need to become indoctrinated into that ‘thug life’ pile of horse-shit hostility you call ‘Rap music’, I beyond know what I’m talking about.. and then some. So put your tiny cock away and shut your fucking hole, I wasn't engaging with you. When I want you I'll summon you.

*Just checked your history and in the last 16 hours you've been on *checks notes* ten various uploads leaving sixteen comments, waving your little cock around while swearing at, arguing with and insulting complete strangers. What's that about ?! Just Fuck off.

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