Overly-protective parents made me an uneducated, sheltered 20 year old. Please help. I need advice breaking free from them as an adult.

Your over the age of 18, no one can control you anymore. Like another comment said it WILL be hard but take it head on.... you might just like what’s on the other side.

I use to be fairly sheltered ( not to your extent) I was allowed to get a job/have friends etc etc.... but I didn’t have many. My mother is VERY judgmental, say you have dark makeup on then that means you worship the devil.... or your skirt isn’t ankle length means your just whore or “ asking for it “ and That kept me from forming friends but one day I got a job at McDonald’s ( I know classic ) at the age of 16, a classmate I’d NEVER even give a second look worked there and between the forced interactions I had with him I realized he wasn’t that bad... so we started hanging out and that helped me see pass the facade of what my mom made the world to be ( I was kept from the internet intill I was 17 so I was EXTREMELY gullible.... I was told that if I smoked ANYTHING my dick would fall off or if I wasn’t home by night then she would disown me ) eventually via hanging out with my coworker-friend I was able to see all my lie that my life revolves around and when I was 18 I finally confronted my mom over it.... it wasn’t pretty and mistakes where made but ultimately I’m glad it happened the way it did... my point was made and it was made clearly. I now live in student apartments, working with my dad ( very quiet man, but a good one from where I stand ) at a flexo print shop, I have few friends but I trust them with my life, got a good relationship with my girlfriend ( it’s work with all my issues but it’s worth it ) and I’m financially stable.

Your biggest issue will be establishing a source of income. One you have that you can plan and budget and grow, your 20 I’d highly suggest finding someplace to stay before all else ( go to the library and file your fasfa there if you must, when it comes to inputting your parents info if your mother won’t help then I would simply leave her out of it.

Sidebar: your mother doesn’t want a empty nest, she wants to help you and shelter you forever BUT one day she will grow old and it’ll be YOU taking care of her.... and she will be left to the devices of a child who is ill prepared for that responsibility. My goal isn’t to be rude with this but to simply offer a perspective that may help you and her both.

If you ever want to talk PM me, I’ve seen what happens when ppl like us grow old and it’s absolutely Horrible.... imagine a hole that hurts everyone near including themselves.

Good night, and good luck.

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