The perception of Taurus being lazy

Lmao thanks for this thread. I actuallyndont believe in lazyness (how apt!).

I have a lot of Taurus placements and I'm definetly not lazy. I grew up lacking many things and worked hard to get to a point where I'm so much comfortable. But because of circumstances most of the hard work I've accomplished has been behind the scenes, I think it's a very venusian quality of not showing people your struggles.

For instance I interned at the finance department of a luxury brand in a foreign country: I moved to a place where I didn't know anyone, lived on the 8th floor of a building without an elevator, dressed nice but cleaned houses on the weekend (it paid really well) but when people asked me what I did for fun I didn't have a lot to say so if somebody who never talked to me was into astrology and asked me questions knowing my placements they would probably jump to the conclusion that I'm boring and lazy instead of responsible and determined. This situation might seem mondane but there were still so many battles you had to fight on your own every single day just to keep up and it seemed like it amounted to nothing so it's not worth it to be proud.

On a darker note, my apt once caught on fire and on another day one of my parents died but I still showed up to exams without disclosing anything to my professors after looking after my personal responsibilities.

Some people find the way Taurus moves elegant and confident others may perceive it as slow and too aloof. Taurus energy seems effortless and often it's not done on purpose so it fuels the stereotype that we might not put the effort into things, even though that isn't true.

I feel like we're very guarded with our feelings, we don't liberally disclose things about ourselves and are very self motivated. I can't be convinced by someone to do something for them unless I really want to do it on my own.

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