is it possible to be like… straight but gay for one person?

I think this just gives fuel to the crowd who think it's a choice to be LGBT. I think I was born bi but then I'm reading you spout about how it is fluid. Does that then lend to the theory I see homophones spew about things 'turning' kids gay? If sexuality is indeed fluid then surely they are onto something? I'm not saying they are but your logic gives what they say weight. Only recently have I realised I am bi and I discovered this sub. I feel like this sub goes way to overboard to be 'inclusive' to the point where I'm questioning if people are actually serious. Of course sexuality is not fluid. You are what you are. If I say I am one thing that does not mean I am that because I say it. This dude is just bisexuality as far as I'm concerned and I think talking about 'heteroflexible' or whatever that is, is just jumping through hoops to over complicate what I would image seems like a very simple thing.

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