This is the punishment that a 6 year old boy in Oregon received for being late after his mother's car wouldn't start.

I am not a great writer, but I will do my best...

This is what I've heard from those who wee part of it. I may have forgotten some details, however: this wasn't the first time that this kid in particular was late. In fact, he had been late so many times before that his parents were made aware of the consequences should he be late again. You see, the school opens its doors at 7:20 am everyday, and the doors close for safety reasons at 8 am sharp.

This kid in particular would often arrive just at 8:01 am and have to be allowed in by the janitor. His house is only a three minute drive to the school. One option brought forward was to take the bus, but by district policy, any child that lives less than a mile (maybe a half mile?) away, has to find their own transportation.

As this was a recurring problem for them, the (female, if that matters) principal of the school even offered to PICK THE CHILD UP EVERYDAY and take him to school to avoid being late. I live in a small town, so it wouldn't be strange to do that. The mother refused saying she could get him there on time herself. The principal warned her of the consequences if she didn't.

Obviously, the kid showed up at 8:01 again, and had to have lunch detention. The school never had a problem with children being teased when they were punished, and the kid wasn't scarred because of it. The mother was upset when she found out of course, but didn't raise hell because she had been warned. It wasn't until the grandmother came and took pictures, then posted them on Facebook that it really became a problem.

It went viral and got around 100k shares on FB (in a town where all we are known for is creating Dutch Bros Coffee and Cary's Toffee, that's a big deal), and it went crazy from there. People posted the principal's personal number online, and she received countless hate phone calls and messages. People were calling the school and threatening violence to the staff. Someone even hacked the principal's Facebook and spread so much hate that she had to disable it.

When the parents realized what had happened, they apologized publicly to the school and the principal directly for creating this huge mess. Funny thing is that when they did this, the public backlash was then directed to THE PARENTS and they received all the hate. Over time, this died down. People stopped talking about this here, and had let it go as a mistake that had been forgiven on both sides...

Until now. Now it's going to blow up again. Thanks, OP.

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