Should I reach out?

The goal is definitely to make Samuel feel better. But that will of course ease my conscience as well. I know I mentioned specifically making myself feel better in my post, but the original intention is to make right what I feel was wrong. I suppose I was putting myself in Samuel's shoes and thinking of what I would want if I were him. But he is a different person and who knows, he might not even think about it.

I know it seems like, oh it was high school and a long time ago. But I really was a bully and a narcissistic piece of fucking shit. Actually, the whole reason this started for me is because about eight months ago, one of MY own middle & high school bullies reached out and made amends, and I thought it was very kind, and of course it got me thinking about all the shit that I myself did.

Thank you for your response, I seriously appreciate you taking the time to read and respond.

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