I spent all my money on going back to college for CS and it's bringing out a lot of anxiety and depression


I’m currently in college myself, majoring in computer science. I understand many of the emotions you are feeling regarding stress and frustration. Programming is NOT easy, especially when these are your first coding classes, and can be more intimidating when it feels like everyone around you knows that they are doing (took two AP classes in high school, coding since they were in the womb, etc).

If you are determined, please don’t give up! CS is rewarding. It will take time and much practice. It may help to look up tutorials on YouTube, get a private tutor, find a mentor, going to your professor’s office hours, or finding a friend who can sit with you and try to work on it together (not them doing the project for you but asking questions like: What would you think is the best approach? What variables will we need? Is it a good idea to have duplicating lines of code, or could we create a function for this? What have you tried? Another/better approach is ___.)

PM me if you need help on anything. I can’t promise I’ll know the answer, but I can try to guide you in the right direction.

Best of luck!

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