What's a compliment that stuck with you?

A lot of mine are from coworkers(I feel very fortunate right now).

At work we have multiple projects and different departments that work pretty closely together on their assigned projects. I'll sometimes help with some small stuff on some projects that aren't mine because I've found a niche that I can fulfill for my own projects pretty well. Someone from another department needed my help and after I finished solving her problem she said, "I like (my department coworker's name who works on her project), but I wish you were on my project". Another coworker who works in her department but on my project told me that when my boss retires that she isn't worried because I'm going to fill in just fine granted I move into his position. Told her I'll keep that one in my back pocket for tough days.

Had another coworker who would tease me pretty often and I didn't want to tease back because I didn't feel like we knew each other well enough and also I typically don't tease girls it's just not my dynamic with them. After a while, I asked her, "Can you just for one day be nice to me?". She started walking out of my cube and says, "Oh, justinbreaux you know you're like one of my favorite people in this department right?. You're one of the few people I actually want to be friends with". Caught me off guard, and a strange way to make friends but took it as a compliment.

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