What's a game from your "backlog" you eventually went back to and thoroughly enjoyed?

The Darkside Detective A few days ago I had nothing to play, so I browsed through my Humble Bundle purchases to see if there was any interesting game between the endless lists of unredeemed keys, there I found it. The name was interesting and though I don't really like point and click adventures anymore it was better than nothing. Turns out it's pretty good. You play as a detective in the "Darkside Division" in Twin Lakes and investigate mystic cases, but don't expect too much story wise, the dialogue is just there to make as many jokes as possible. It's not long, it got 9 cases, each taking around 30 - 40 minutes. What made it such a good "in between game" was its simplicity, you don't have as many options to interact with objects as in other point and click games. When you click on something you either get an item, or the detective says something about it/ describes it. Though I wish there was a key to highlight all objects you can interact with, I wandered ten minutes around the police station, just because I overlooked a drawer and didn't get a bobby pin, so I was stuck.

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