Hiding from bf that I have asked women if he was being inappropriate with them

Well we r on a break right now.

Each of us trying to figure out whether they can move past the bad stuff the other has done, whether they think what the relationship was before affairs happened is worth it, whether it is worth looking past it, and whether going forward they would be repeating the same mistakes again.

If both of us feel like we r really in love and really meant to be, both of us agree on forgiving and moving on from whatever happened in the past. He believes he has his own reasons for doing what he did (stress, pandemic), and I believe I have my own reasons for what I did (emotional trauma).

Kind of like a fresh start.

Now the tricky part for me is whether I can trust him now that he is making a decision for the benefit of both, not for his own benefit. But I think it looks hopeful.

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