People with heart failure are having care postponed in my home town

Not enough information? What's the urgency between the two? Who's waited longer versus how rare of a match each one are.

On top of that, who has a better chance of surviving? I will tell you that you did give information that can inform this and if there is no other relevant information, you and I both know the answer.

Doctors don't get to decide who to give healthcare to.

And they won't take the lung out of the smoker if they already started and the new lung patient just came in.

Beds will be given first come first serve and if they need to choose, will base on urgency and survivability.

This isn't difficult. You are acting as if you presented a difficult choice.

It all falls within realm of ethics and normal triage procedure.

There's a reason emotions shouldn't inform these decisions. And there's a reason a doctor is required to perform life saving procedures on confirmed murders and paedophiles. I don't know how to make this ethics more clear to you.

When you start allowing personal bias to determine who gets healthcare, the system will be much much worse than it already is.

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