Ragen Chastain has registered for IRONMAN Arizona 2016.

Sure but I think good on her for trying because I assume she might actually try. It it's a shitshow like the half-ironman she tried and she doesn't complete AGAIN then I think she's a jackass and it's the definition of insanity - doing the same things and expecting different results.

That said - I don't think that we should all just shit on her for saying "I want to complete an ironman." because we assume she won't. Literally every fat unhealthy person ever who has lost weight had a day where they decided enough is enough and then lost the weight, or every smoker who decided enough is enough stopped smoking, or every alcoholic who decided enough is enough stopped drinking. I want this to be her "enough is enough" moment and I want it to click in her mind. I would be happy if it proves everyone who thought "she won't do it." wrong.

I don't think she will prove everyone wrong, I think she will be like the smoker who smokes til they get lung cancer, or the alcoholic who drinks til their liver gives up, but I would absolutely love it if she did prove everyone wrong. And I think that's a huge part of her identity. She wants to prove to everyone that they're all just haters and they are "wrong" which is why she thinks "I can stay the same yet somehow suddenly be different, suddenly be more fit, suddenly be this incredibly active superhuman person." One side has to give...and I hope it's the "stay the same" part rather than the goal part. It's just depressing as fuck to watch someone set all of these amazing goals for themselves and give up on those literally ONLY because they feel like they can stay the same and somehow still achieve those goals. :/

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